Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bread & Drink

We've all been to weddings, banquets & meetings where you sit at round tables that are filled with plates, silverware, glasses, napkins, bread plates etc. Sometimes this can be a bit intimidating, no? My mother in law taught me this trick & I also just came upon in Mindy Lockard's blog, who writes about manners. So, I wanted to share this little tid bit of extremely useful information with you...

Question: How do I know which bread plate is mine?

Answer: Great question. Often times we find ourselves at a place setting that is more setting than space. With all of the plates, glasses and utensils at hand is can be trick to know which bread or drink belongs to you. Here’s a trick… Take your index fingers and thumbs and put them together like this…


Making a “b” with your left hand and “d” with your right hand. The “b” = your bread and “d” = your drink. If you choose to take this trick on the road to your next dinner party just remember to do it discretely as it always feels and looks better to appear ti know exactly what you are doing.

Follow-up Q: What do to when someone takes your “b” or “d”?

Answer: Remember two wrongs don’t make a right and doing unto others as it’s been done to you could start a chain of ”wrong bread” reactions that will leave someone at the end of the chain short on starch. Discretely flag the wait staff and ask for a bread plate or drink.

I use this trick every time I sit down at a large table...I don't want to be the one using the wrong utensil! I even taught this trick to my 6th graders...

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