Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Reason For The Season

The past few days I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Stressing about everything and everything coming up (have you ever felt this way?). Yesterday, I had a big order of cookies, wrapped cutely, complete with tags that I was trying to finish and my husband announced that he had bought tickets to see Chris Tomlin in concert last night. Chris Tomlin is one of my all time favorite christian artists BUT last night was not a good night. I WAS BUSY! I HAD THINGS TO GET DONE! Well much to my grumblings, we went. It was phe-nom-in-al!! Lou Giglio was on tour with him. I'd never heard of him before but OMG he totally put things in perspective or atleast it hit home with me...I know the whole christmas story but what I finally got last night was we have just wrapped Christmas into this pretty little holiday...beautifully wrapped gifts, cute manager scenes, decorated trees, lights & balls...but that's not it. Jesus did not come with pomp & circumstance & with an adorable invitation inviting us to a sip & see. He was not born in a beautifully decorated stable, nor were the shepherds (whom the angel told) well-to-do suburban shepherds. It was messy, dirty and probably pretty uncomfortable for Mary (giving birth in dirt?) and Joseph. Messy, like sometimes life is. I need to remember that God needs to get the's His season...not mine...

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