Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Glass Jars How-To

It's no secret how much I love these jars...
especially the vintage ones...
like this bluish/aqua color...
These aren't readily available though...
You must search for these treasures...
aqua mason jars theinspiredroom
Now...what if I told you that you could make these beauties...
Would you be interested?
Well, guess what I found on The Bridal Buzz?
A "how-to" make your glass jars...vintage!

Here are the instructions per Bridal Buzz:

I used a product called Vitrea 160
which is a transparent color for glass, in a shade called turquoise. 
I also purchased some thinner from the same product line, 
so I could get a really faint look. 
After scooping out a small amount of the turquoise color 
(a dot about the size of the nail on my pinky finger) 
into a plastic tupperware container, 
I dipped my fan brush into the thinner bottle 
and then mixed that into the blue. That's really all you need, 
and after I was finished, I realized I could have colored 5 more jars 
with the amount of turquoise I had left.

I flipped my jar upside down and placed it 
into another plastic tupperware container, 
then brushed the outside of the jar with the mixture 
in thin, even strokes from top to bottom.
 It looks a bit bright and cloudy at this point, but bear with me! 
You then have to let it set for 24 hours
 before you bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees F. 
After it bakes and cools, the majority of your brushstrokes should disappear, 
so don't worry if it isn't perfect! Once you fill the jar with water 
and flowers any small brushstrokes that may still be present will fade even more.

The best part of this project (besides the fact that it's super easy) is that it's cheap. 
The two bottles of Vitrea 160 were $8.00 total, and the glass jar was free
 (leftover container from MIL). If you didn't have any relatives 
who could give you 12 or more glass quart jars, you could easily buy them 
from any grocery store or craft store, or look on craigslist. 
So basically you could do a case of 12 jars for about $1.50, not bad! 
Throw in a $7.00 supermarket bouquet and you're in business!

NOTE: This project is best suited for use with flowers and water, 
rather than with candles. Any brush strokes that may be left over 
from baking the jar will be hidden by the water and stems

top image via IDIY
second image & instructions via The Bridal Buzz

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