Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Napkin/Silverware Place Setting

I must say napkins & silverware
can be a bit of a problem at times...
Where to put them...how to hold them...
Tie them up...leave them out...
Well, I'm loving this solution
from Bird's Party...
She's just got that silverware
tucked in as snug as a bug...
And it couldn't look any more darling...
I might this give a whirl on Friday
for the Peace, Love & Pizza party I'm having at school...
Of course she is so thoughtful as to give us the how-to...

Here's what you'll need:
* 3 fold paper napkins work best (you can use fabric napkins too) 
* Paper napkin wrapper
* Double-sided tape or hot glue or just standard sticky tape
1. Gather your goods...
2. Take your napkin and position it with the fold facing away from you. 
Take the top flap and fold 1/3 under the fold. 
(I used the lines printed on the napkins to guide me here)
3. Turn the napkin over. Can you see what it looks like at the back? 
Now fold the left and right sides inwards, 
meeting at the center 
 (step 5 should show you clearer..)
4. This is what you should have at the front. 
The little pouch is already formed.
5. Now, just wrap the paper napkin ring 
around the folded napkin to cutefy the ensemble! 
Secure with hot glue or tape at the back.
6. Insert cutlery, flowers, straws etc in the pouch. 
Stand back and admire your pretties! :)

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The Better Baker said...

I cannot believe you don't have a long list of comments here! I found this adorable idea at Pinterest and can't wait to try it. Cute! Cute! Thanks for your great tutorial.

SweetBellaBug said...

Oh my goodness! This is such an adorable idea! I just love it. I also found it on Pinterest, and am definitely going to do this for my daughters party! Thanks!

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