Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Typical Cakes? I Think Not!

I was reading an article from One Charming Party that was talking about how many times people go into a store and buy everything matching according to their theme. Example: An Elmo party so you go buy Elmo plates, Elmo cups, Elmo napkins, Elmo goody bags, plastic Elmo tablecloth and then you go to your local grocery and buy the Elmo sheet cake.
No! No! No!
You can have an Elmo party but no matching everythings! Instead incorporate the reds, yellows and blacks with a few hints of Elmos.
One big point to mention was that she encouraged NOT to buy that grocery store themed sheet cake but to get one that is unique, different, one that will have people talking...
Like these...
Baby Shower Sugar Figure Cake
Cupcake Topsy Turvy Cake chocolate brown pink
Showers of Happiness Baby Cake with Sugar Figurine
This one is my fave...
check out that Chanel bag!
Metro Diner Cake
Have you ever seen anything so adorable in all your life?
Now these are NOT your typical cakes!
Pink Cake Box is very, very talented, no?
Don't you just love???
Visit her site for more eye will be impressed!

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