Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey Peeps!

I love putting different elements into my flower vases...
Usually I do fruit...oranges, lemons, limes
it always adds a nice touch...
Lately I have been seeing the flower arrangement with peeps in it...
I must say...
I mean totally cute...
Mix, Mingle, Glow gives us the steps to make our own...
P.S. - Wouldn't this be an adorable gift too?


Here’s what you need:

7 oz (or about 1/2 a pound) of green jelly beans

10 pink bunny Peeps

1 14oz clear plastic cup

12 yellow gerbera daisies

1 4.5″ square clear vase


Set the clear cup in the center of the square vase

(use a glue dot or double stick tape if necessary) .

Pour the green jelly beans evenly around the perimeter of the cup.

Carefully pour water into the cup, filling it about halfway.

(Wait until after you have added the jelly beans to put water in the cup

since they have a tendency to fall into the cup!)

Place the Peeps between the cup and the vase

(3 on two sides, 2 on the other sides)…they will fit perfectly.

Cut your daisies short, with the taller ones in the center.

Of course what makes this fun and easy

is that you can use whatever colored variations

of the jelly beans, Peeps and flowers you’d like.

Couldn’t be easier (took me less than 15 minutes total).


Brittanie said...

I have seen this a lot this year.. Can't wait to try it.. if I make it to the store before Easter!

Cheri said...

Never saw this idea! So cute! Def a must for next Easter! Thanks!

SOLANGEL said...

super cute ! Love it!

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