Friday, June 18, 2010

Cool Cocktails Anyone?

I have seen this frozen ice bucket 
around for some time now...
in fact, I've had the directions for years...
I'm not sure why I never made one...
Well, thank you Attention 2 Detail
for sparking my interest again,
and refreshing my memory 
on how to go about making this GORGEOUS
ice bucket...
Tell me this would not be perfect for Father's Day...
(Dada might not appreciate it but you sure would)...
Relaxing...watching the U.S. Open...
Honey...can I make you a cocktail?
Any excuse to admire the beauty you created...

Here's the 411 complements of Martha...

Place a full bottle into a fully opened 
cardboard half-gallon milk carton. 
Insert flowers or thinly sliced fruit 
(we've used nasturtiums, lemons, and limes) 
around the bottle, filling one third of the carton. 
Pour water into the container, 
just covering the fruit and flowers. 
Place the carton upright in the freezer. 
When the liquid is completely frozen, 
add another layer of fruit 
and very cold water, and freeze. 
Repeat, filling and freezing a third 
of the carton at a time, 
which prevents all the fruit and flowers 
from floating to the top 
until the water reaches the bottle's neck. 
Remove from the freezer 
when it's time to serve the vodka: 
Cut away the milk carton 
with a utility knife; 
wrap a dinner napkin around the bottle's base, 
and serve the vodka 
with slices of lemon zest tied in knots.

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