Monday, August 2, 2010

Faux Gumball Machine How-To

Gumballs and their machines
are the perfect addition to any sweet party...
Sometimes they may be rather hard to find...
or maybe not in the color you had in mind...
Here's a how-to make your own...
compliments of  Craft Tutorials...

What you Need: 
  • Terra Cotta plant pot-4″ inside circle diameter
  • Terra Cotta plant saucer-4″ inside circle diameter
  • Plain ivy bowl measuring 2 1/2″ across the top (preferably no fluted edge)
  • Paint Primer
  • Red gloss paint or red craft paint and gloss sealer
  • clear silicon caulking-aquarium caulking works great
  • printed gumball machine front
  • white glue
1. Apply paint primer to all surfaces of the terra cotta pot and the saucer. 
Let the primer dry, then apply red gloss paint to all surfaces. 
Alternatively, cover the primer in red craft paint 
then spray or paint with a gloss sealer. 
Let the paint (and sealer, if using) dry completely.
2. Turn the pot upside down. 
Apply a bead of clear silicon caulking around the bottom of the ivy bowl 
and center it on top of the pot. Push the ivy bowl firmly into place 
and weigh it down with a book or other heavy object until the glue dries completely.
3. Print the gumball machine front and cut closely around the picture, 
leaving no extra white at all. 
Glue this to the front of your gumball machine with white glue.
4. Fill the ivy bowl with gumballs.
5. Place the red terra cotta saucer upside down on top of the ivy bowl.

Now they can be customized to fit your party...
like these...

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