Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweet Friday

Here's a "sweet" project that you can try out this weekend...
A make your own fabric cupcake...
Here are the details from Icing Designs...

All you really need is some great fabric, complimenting ribbon, a piece of half sphere and a piece of cylinder Styrofoam, scissors and a glue gun.
First off just take some strips of ribbon (about 3 inches long, you will need about 20 strips depending on the size of the cylinder you purchased. (You can also use yarn for the cupcake wrapper instead of ribbon, if you prefer)Take your glue gun and add some glue to the top of the cylinder, place your ribbon on it and then pull the ribbon down and attach with glue underneath. Repeat this process, slightly overlapping the ribbon each time, until you have covered your cylinder. This will be your cupcake wrapper.

There may be a overlay on the bottom and you can just trim this off.
Next take a piece of fabric (about 8"x8"), turn it pattern side down and place your half sphere in the center of it.
You are now going to take little parts of fabric at a time and glue them down to the flat part of the half sphere. You will have to fold the fabric a little bit to make the top smooth. If you find you have to much fabric, just trim as you go along. Don't worry if it looks sloppy no one will see this part.

After you have completed the top, put glue all of the top of the cylindar and the bottom the half sphere and place them together.
Then you can add glue along the seem where the top and bottom were combined and add a ribbon, make sure it is long enough to tie a bow. You can even add a little crystal in the center of the bow. Decorate the top any way you please, with fabric flowers or a fabric cherry, we just made a ribbon rosette and leaf.

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oh this is so cute!

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