Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Poms From A Blissful Nest

Look what I found over at A Blissful Nest...
Are these not the cutest favor boxes?
Boy...goodie bags sure have come a long way 
since I was a kid...
And look what else went along with this party...
Tissue paper pom wreaths...
Precious indeed!

she also gives us instructions 
on how to make these sweet things...

Per A Blissful Nest...
Here is the list of what you will need:
-round styrofoam
-glue gun
-tissue paper- cut rectangles of 5X7
-letter opener (or something pointy- could use a knife!)

First take your 5X7 rectangles of tissue 

and gather so you have a point at the bottom (as seen in the picture). 
Then twist the point. 
Take your letter opener and make a small round hole in the styrofoam- 
about 1/2" diameter. Fill the hole with glue 
and put point end of tissue paper into glue filled hole. 
You may need to use your letter opener to get the point completly in. 
And thats it! 
Just make lots of holes close to each other 
so the tissue will look full and close together.
 I put tissue on the outer sides of the foam 
but not on the interior as you could not see the interior 
after how full I had made the rest. 
I have not attached my round circles with Parker's "P" and "1" 
but I am going to make a big bow, 
hole punch a hole in my circle and thread by bow through 
and then hot glue to wreath. 

{You could even spray your tissue with glitter spray 

for a light luster if you were having a fairy party.}

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