Friday, September 18, 2009


Have you noticed that aprons are making a comeback? I think deep down women strive to be like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. I mean how chic' is perfectly done, belted dress, high heels and let's not forget the all important pearls around her neck. "Just a day in the life of a housewife, right?" And when she heads into the kitchen to start dinner ( a real dinner...made from scratch) or even make a nutritious snack (do juice boxes and granola bars count?) she puts on that perfectly pressed apron. I do believe that she is the first domestic diva, wouldn't you agree? I just love that whole look that she has going and what it means. When you put on an apron, doesn't it just set the stage of what is about to begin? I never seem to put on an apron when I'm rushed or hurrying to throw something together. But, when I have the time and I'm looking forward to preparing a delicious meal for my family, doesn't donning an apron seem to enhance the mood? The preparation is more enjoyable...the food tastes seem to be "in the moment." Try an apron the next time the mood strikes...

These are from the hip hostess ( many to choose from
Love this one...pretty in pink

how about this one when you're feeling sassy...

or how about this one when maybe you're grilling...

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