Monday, September 14, 2009


Speaking of living beautifully, two of my most favorite magazines are Southern Lady and Victoria both put out by Hoffman Media. If you have never taken the time to flip through these lovely pages, you are truly missing out. When the new month's magazines are arriving, I get so excited checking to see if my Southern Lady and Victoria have shown up. And when they do, I hurry to make sure all my chores are done and look so forward to sitting in my favorite chair and savoring every inch of those magazines. I read EVERY LITTLE MORSEL I tell you and love every moment! The thick, glossy pages are filled with beautiful pictures, delightful articles and yummy recipes. And it gets Southern Lady puts out seasonal issues. I just picked up the halloween one the other day and I'm ready to get the pumpkins out and the tailgaiting started. It inspired me to get out the other fall issues from past years (yes...I keep them all, I can't help it!) and get my mind wandering in that season's direction. Anyone else in the mood for pumpkin spice?

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