Monday, September 21, 2009

Transporting A Cupcake

I have just stumbled across an aha-moment...what is it you may ask? Well, it's really very simple but makes all the sense in the world. Have you ever been at a party where the host insists you take home a cupcake? She wraps it in saran or tinfoil for the transport. And when you get home, get yourself a nice tall glass of ice cold milk, unwrap the little yummy (oh, I'll just have one bite...) and then you notice that all the frosting has come off the cupcake...the best part...smushed on the wrapper, oh no! What to do? This is taken from P is for Party who found it in Real Simple's Celebrations, simply put a candle in the cupcake before you wrap it and, voila, that will keep the frosting on the cupcake rather than the wrapper. Brilliant, no?

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