Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not Your Typical Snack Packs

I popped over to the Ritzy Bee blog (which I absolutely adore!) and found these little cuties...
But not your ordinary snacks...
These are done to the tee...
Now who wouldn't just love these?


Okay, I am loving how adorable these are! Would these not be perfect
if you were taking a bunch of little girls on an outing?
Or how about if you & "the girls" were going to spend a relaxing weekend at the spa?
These would make nice munchies in the hotel!
How about this midnight snack?
Wouldn't this be great for like an after prom party,
a favor to send home with guests after the party
or even a sweet treat to leave in the room for overnight guests.
This one is my fave!
Wouldn't this be perfect as a gift for a neighbor who just moved in,
a special friend who needs a smile or even a housewarming gift

The possibilities are endless, no?
And if you really look at them, they are not hard.
They just require a little time & love to put them together.
The recipient would be most impressed! I know I would be!

Thanks Ritzy Bee for finding these!

Images are from the Ritzy Bee & Martha Stewart Weddings

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