Monday, January 18, 2010

Cards Any Time Of The Year?

It's a known fact that when Christmas rolls around, one of the things you do is send cards, right? Many times we consider it to be "a chore" rather than a blessing. I know none of us feel that way, right? wink**wink

To be honest...this is so horrible...I didn't even send Christmas cards out this past year...GASP!

Well, who said that cards were only suppose to be sent at Christmas? Everyone expects them then anyway. What about surprising friends & family with cards another time of the year? Maybe a New Year's card, Valentine's, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Happy Middle of the Year? A time that is maybe, not so busy. Where you might actually "enjoy" the process? Is that possible?

I think this is also a great marketing idea for businesses as well. I know I get excited when I get a card in the mail, you too? My hub's business didn't get around to holiday cards this year either...go figure...So...instead, I created one for 2010. He has gotten a good response from them, I think, because people weren't expecting them. It was a nice surprise...

So...what do you think??

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