Monday, October 26, 2009

Goosie Girl's Birthday Party

Well....I'm pleased to say Goosie Girl's birthday party was a success! And....I'm so glad that it's over!! You don't realize (or you forget) all the preparation it takes to have a party. It was worth it though...Goosie Girl loved it and I do believe all the other girls were rather impressed as well. Here are the pics...

The emulation of the "Amy Atlas Dessert Table"
This was a make-your-own sundae bar

The orange bags were filled with popcorn for the movie. I bought orange bags, painted the top black, put the popcorn in, twisted the top and tied with black ribbon. Simple yet festive!
As you know I looooove polka dots. I found these adorable pitches and plates at HomeGoods. The pitchers held the chocolate syrup and caramel sauce for the sundaes. The plates were for the cherries. The orange cake pops were from Bakerella. They were suppose to have pumpkin faces but the edible decorating pen didn't work so hot so I left them plain. They still looked cute and they were delish! I covered the white stick in black/white polka dot ribbon. The sundae toppings were put in black Happy Halloween containers that I found in the dollar section at Target. The black trays were also from Target.

This was the ultimate kids meal...Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, Kraft mac & cheese, Fruit, and Potato chips & dip

The pumpkin was painted with black polka dots and tied with a black/white polka dotted ribbon. The candles on each side of the pumpkin were vases that I bought at Walmart for like $4.00 each. I painted them with black polka dots as well, glued some fluff to the top, put a candle inside of a smaller holder and put that in the middle of the vase and poured in candy corn. The girls thought that was really cool that I put real candy corn in there. You know sometimes we don't think that they appreciate or care when things are decorated or not but they really do. All twelve girls that we had really studied the table and the details and commented to me about how much they really liked it...

Another pumpkin that I painted polka dots on to keep the flow...

Goosie Girl's birthday cake...She picked out the cake pan and was very specific that she wanted bold colors on there. I was trying to convince her to keep the halloween such luck. It did turn out cute and she looooved it which is all that mattered.

Actually this was quite easy to make and decorate...

My mother-in-law playing DJ...and Goosie Girl (in the gray in front of the tv) and the other girls getting jiggy with it...

We moved the dining room table into the kitchen which served as my dessert table. This room became the sleeping room, not that there was much sleeping going on...At 2:00 am I hear them in Goosie Girl's room so I go in there and I see them slamming pixie sticks...AT 2 AM!!!! Needless to say they didn't quiet down until about 3:30ish am...a long night for the morning I made regular and chocolate chip pancakes for the girls. I'll post the recipe for the pancakes...easy and absolutely delicious...from the Barefoot Contessa.

Oh and we also had a bounce house to help them expend some of their energy...A great time was had by all...Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics!

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