Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boy or Girl? Baby Shower Invites

I just finished some baby shower invitations. It is going to be a tea party and...the gender of the baby will be revealed at the shower. How fun is that? These were done on a nursery rhyme fabric backing (which I love) and I used a half pink & half blue border with the white card with the same pink & blue writing and added a pink & blue sparkly cow on the top. Very baby and very cute! My client also wanted an insert added asking that instead of attaching a card, how about a book for Baby Taylor's library instead. I used the same theme except made it smaller. I then tied them together using a pink & blue ribbon. For the envelopes, I lined them with the nursery rhyme print and printed the addresses in blue and the return address in pink and added the same sparkly cow to the front of the envelope for a fun detail. I would love to receive this in the mail, wouldn't you?

the back of the fabric invitation...

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