Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clothespin Dolls

The first time I ever saw a "clothespin doll" is when Lollipop Workshop sent Bakerella

this precious girl and an "Amy Atlas" dessert table as a gift...

From the Lollipop Workshop
From that moment on I have been in love with these little girls...
Mari Jane by fromnancysheart.
Have you ever in your life seen anything so adorable?
They make me happy just looking at their angelic faces and
all the detail that has been put into them...Do you agree? Clothespin Christmas Doll - Miss Claus
Can you say precious??? I mean really...could you imagine having a
collection of these little sweeties?

Clothespin Wee Cutie with Snowman by Wee Cute Treasures.
I'd just pull up a chair and admire them all day...they come in all different styles
for all the different celeabratory times throughout the year...
obviously Christmas (as you have just seen), Fall, Birthdays, Patriotic
and the list goes on...

Sweet Caroline - Clothespin Doll by creatingtreasures.
Hello my pretty! Can you say a-dor-a-ble?? Look at her!
Look at her crocheted dress! And that bow! All the details...Oh my...

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