Friday, November 20, 2009

Goosie Girl's Teacher's Birthday - The Day...

Goosie Girl's teacher's birthday (Mrs. Qualls) is today. Goosie Girl and I got up extra early to go and put up a few festive decorations to celebrate Mrs. Qualls' day...

First thing we hung was the personalized flag banner that I made. It's not exactly perfectly straight...oh well...we were in a hurry...and it still looks cute!

We hung this sweet semi-pomendor on her door to welcome her. It's a semi pomendor because I didn't have enough flowers to cover the entire styro square. No worries though...I covered the bottom with tulle, tied with a bow, added the birthday tag and voila...

This was very easy to make. I bought a styro square at the dollar store. Goosie Girl wanted "these" flowers (doesn't exactly match but oh well...), cut the flowers close to the top and stick in the styro. I used straight pins to secure the flowers. When I ran out of flowers, I wrapped the rest of the square with tulle, added the same black & white ribbon I used for the handle and that's it.

This is my favorite...I bought the square vase at Old Time Pottery for $1.99, I picked this flower arrangement out at Publix ($6.99), sliced up one apple (since it's for a teacher...get it? teacher...apples) and placed those along the side of the vase, added the flowers and instant beauty for $10.00. How much would this have cost if you ordered it from a florist?
The flower arrangement & a large party hat (that I also bought at the dollar store. I did well there too, no?) with a personalized birthday tag sitting on her back table.
The other flag banner that I made...I attached it to her white board so the children could appreciate it all day. Goosie Girl said that was a good place to hang Mrs. Qualls couldn't write on the board and that meant less work...we also tied a bouquet of balloons on her overhead for more festivity...
One of the two pans of cupcakes for the celebration this afternoon. Complete with wrappers & personalized toppers.

I wanted to make sure Mrs. Qualls knows how much we appreciate her!

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