Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Tablescape

I really want to make my Thanksgiving table special this year instead of the "norm" setting that I usually do. I happen to see a color scheme awhile ago that I loved on Pepper Design Blog and it has been in my mind ever since...brown, turquoise, orange & white. So I decided those were the colors I was going to use...
My china is Floradora Green by Royal Daulton. I still love it to this day! It is a floral pattern with so many colors in it that it really blends with everything. It has quite a bit of the turquoise color in it with hints of orange as well. Yeah for me!

First, I ordered a brown filigree tablecloth off ebay for $5.00 (regularly $ awesome was that?). I also knew that I wanted some kind of "charger" look so I set off looking. First stop and only stop was at Old Time Pottery. I don't go in too often but I hit it right on this particular day. I found the brown glasses (which actually have a nice, heavy feel to them) for $1.99. I put those babies in the cart. I then went to the table linen isle and found these rattan type placemats that I decided would look good as my chargers. The problem was they came in a granny smith apple green color ( that I loved...but not for my thanksgiving table). After some quick thinking, I stuck them in my cart and decided that they were spray paintable. Yeah again! Next, I found these perfect napkin rings, in my brown color, mind you, for $1.00. Triple yeah!
I perused the rest of the store, found three adorable christmas trees that I am going to use on my christmas tablescape (they were $10.00 for all 3).
Now here's where it gets good....those charges that I bought that were the new christmas green? I spray painted one side turquoise, left the other side the original green and now I have two uses for them and only paid once. Is the greatest?! I'm so excited!

Original color...which I will be using for my Christmas tablescape...

Flip it over and voila...New turquoise color that I will be using for my Thanksgiving tablescape...

Mini pumpkins on a white tray (tray I found at HomeGoods for $4.99 & pumpkins, which came in a mini pack, from Target) & 2 arrangements of orange tulips will also be gracing the table as well...of course candlelight too!

I'm so excited, I can't stand it! Inexpensive & it's going to be beautiful...all things to be thankful for...

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