Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Happy Customer

I just received this lovely feedback from Ruth who was the winner of the TomKat Studio/Goosie Girl cookie giveaway...take a peek...

Winner, Winner, Ghost Cookie Dinner!

I won something! It was very exciting!

A few weeks ago, I was checking out one of my favorite Blogs, TomKat Studio and I saw that there was a giveaway for some cute little homemade ghost cookies. I entered the contest and that was that!

Well, I won! And the cookies, from Goosie Girl, arrived just in time for our little Halloween party! They were awesome, they looked awesome, the packaging was perfect. I was VERY impressed. I wondered how one shipped cookies...Goosie Girl has it DOWN! All of the cookies arrived intact and so super cute! Oh, and they came with a platter to serve them on---WOW! I was very impressed and I highly recommend Goosie Girl for your special cookie needs! They were delicious.

Thanks again, Goosie Girl for the cookies! We loved them!
How awesome is that?? I'm just delighted!!!

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